“The centralized transformer health monitoring system will be implemented on a war basis”

A centralized transformer health monitoring system and line fault transformer isolation will be implemented on a wartime basis, Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) Ltd., told the Karnataka High Court.

P. Rajendra Chola, Managing Director of Bescom, in his affidavit, stated that to ensure public safety, Bescom has taken steps to prevent transformers installed in public places from developing a fire hazard in the event of a fault in electricity distribution lines. .

A detailed study on the causes that make a transformer become a fire hazard has been completed and an action plan has been finalized to implement the mitigation techniques, Cholan said, noting that A centralized system for monitoring transformer health and line fault transformer isolation has been designed.

“The system once implemented will be able to determine the condition of the transformers by continuous date, acquisition, monitoring, alerting the field engineer to the condition of the transformers and also isolate the transformers from faults remotely. bidding to implement this system is ongoing and will be implemented on a war footing basis,” Cholan told the court.

Meanwhile, as Bescom said each month 210 transformers, located on sidewalks and storm drains, would be moved to a safe location, the court ordered it to submit a status report by the second week of July on the progress of the displacement process. .

A divisional bench, consisting of Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi and Justice SR Krishna Kumar, issued the instruction based on a statement from Bescom that the process of moving transformers from the trail has already begun on April 1. 2022.

The bench was hearing a PIL petition, filed by GB Athri, a retired wing commander in the Indian Air Force, whereby he had issued several directives on the relocation of transformers from sidewalks.

Senior Solicitor S. Sriranga, appearing for Bescom, told the bench that the period of the contract includes the monsoon season while clarifying the move of the transformer keeping in mind the interest of the students due to the exams current annuals. A total of 2,588 transformers have been identified for relocation.

Mr. Cholan, in his affidavit, told the court that there was some delay in awarding the transformer relocation contract as the bidding process had to be repeated due to a higher price offered by the winning bidder during two calls for tenders held.

Stating that the contract was eventually awarded to M/s Asian Fab Tec Ltd. after negotiating the price, Mr Cholan said the transfer process would be completed within 18 months.