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The community shows its love and support for Lauren Pogue

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Mississippi (WTOK) – The wife of a local volunteer fire chief is on the long road to recovery after suffering a brain aneurysm two weeks ago. Now the community is coming together and doing their part for Lauren Pogue.

“When we heard the call, our hearts sank because we knew something was wrong,” said Martin volunteer firefighter Al Davis.

The Martin Volunteer Fire Department rallies around its chief and his family.

On March 2, Chief Jeremy Pogue’s wife, Lauren Pogue, suffered a medical emergency and was airlifted to St. Dominic’s Hospital in Jackson. It all started when she had a headache.

“They knew something was wrong. Eventually she passed out,” Lauren’s brother-in-law Aaron Pogue said. “Jeremy suspected a brain bleed and that’s exactly what it was. She had a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

The first procedure didn’t work, so they had to take a more invasive approach. Everyone in the first responder community was there for them.

“The whole department is a family. It’s a bit like a brother or sister who needs help. We will seek them out and help them,” Davis said.

Jeremy has been a certified firefighter since 2007 and a volunteer firefighter since high school. He is currently a paramedic with PHI and Chief of the Martin Volunteer Fire Department. We featured Jeremy on First Responders and even spoke with Lauren in 2016. She too worked in an ambulance before having kids. They are all focused on public service and giving back.

“They’re still involved in things like Love Out Loud,” Aaron Pogue explained. “They take part in Operation Christmas Child every year. They go to Atlanta and work at the factory. They always give. At this point, they are reaping from the community what they have sown.

Donations have come from as far away as Australia. Thoughts and prayers came from all over the world.

“Prayers are the most precious thing we have right now. Don’t take anything for granted,” Aaron said. “This week is spring break for a lot of kids. Enjoy time with your family. We have no idea what tomorrow holds.

If you would like to help, there are many ways to do so. You can visit the Praying for the Pogues Facebook page. There are raffles, places to donate money and an upcoming auction.

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