The Forex Auction System Is Here To Stay


On April 22, 2022, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) released a document which it referred to as an urgent commitment document on the country’s monetary situation.

In this article, CZI asked, among othersthe suspension of the currency auction system and alleged that a single currency system was in place and also made unsubstantiated references to the “looting” of currency accounts and a bank run.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) wishes to draw public attention to the fact that the content of the CZI document is a response to rumors and not based on facts on the ground.

The contents of the said CZI document and the impressions described therein are unfortunate and unjustified as they have the potential to destabilize the financial markets and the economic stability of the country.

For clarity and for the avoidance of doubt, RBZ informs the public that:-

  • The government and the Bank have embarked on an orderly de-dollarization process and therefore it is wrong that a single currency system is now in place
  • The currency auction system remains in place and will not be suspended as this would lead to shortages of goods in the market and promote inflation
  • All currency accounts are safe and the Bank has no reason or inclination to “loot” the accounts as claimed in the CZI document

RBZ also noted with grave concern that CZI published the article without committing him to establishing the veracity of the rumors that prompted the article.

Therefore, CZI has created a negative impression which has the effect of confusing the stock market and inflation. RBZ is always available to stakeholders, including CZI, for discussion and dialogue with a view to furthering the interests of industry and the economy and avoiding causing market instability.

RBZ therefore advises to disregard the content of the CZI document in question. Jean Mangudia Governor RBZ

Journalism does Earth Day a disservice

NO MATTER that every day of the year should be World Earth Day – serious effort is needed to protect the Earth rather than just a brief media gesture.

Clearly, too many mainstream media CEOs and editors remain unfazed by man-made global warming and the resulting extreme weather events.

Almost the entire spectrum of mainstream news media who are complicit – especially when it comes to man-made climate change.

In an interview with an online journal, linguist and media analyst Noam Chomsky noted that even though the mainstream media publish stories about man-made global warming, “it’s like…there’s a kind of tunnel vision – science journalists sometimes say ‘look, it’s a disaster’, but the regular (non-environmental pro-fossil fuel) coverage just ignores it.

Particularly disturbing was an editorial in a printed newspaper with the headline Earth Day needs a facelift.

He was of the opinion that “some people would say that (the day of environmental action)…is an anachronism”, that it should rather be a day of recognition of what we have accomplished at the level of society. “And while it (has) served us well…do we really still need Earth Day?”

Varying lengths of the same editorial, unfortunately, were also run by sister papers, all owned by the same media mogul who also happens to be an aspiring oil refiner.

Before reading this, I had never heard anyone, let alone mainstream media, suggest that we were doing so well at making Earth Day an unnecessary “anachronism”.

Considering the deplorable state of the planet’s natural environment, I still find this to be one of the most absurd and irresponsible acts of editorial journalism I have witnessed in my 3.5 decades. information consumption. –Frank Sterle Jr.

Voter registration program expected to be extended

I call on the chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), Priscilla Chigumba, to review the voter registration blitz that is coming to an end. It’s a good idea, but it’s not enough piecemeal to capture everyone who wants to sign up.

When the first blitz took place, it was in the middle of the rainy season and the accessibility of Zec officials to certain sectors was difficult. In the case of Mbire, hundreds of potential registrants were unable to register because they were busy tending to their fields.

Mbire is a wildlife area where animals like elephants and baboons destroy crops.

Thus, during the agricultural period, people migrate to their fields to avoid long distances to and from their fields to protect their crops from marauding animals.

The inhabitants of the Gonono region have their fields in front of the Karunga Game Park and it is obvious that their crops must be maintained.

So when Zec officials went to this area, a few people were in villages and they did not follow them into the fields, which meant that many did not register.

In Guruve, the blitz failed to capture some potential registrants. This registration program is different from the census where a person can give information to a census worker about the whole family.

It is normal for each family to leave one or two people to take care of the household and can give the investigators whatever they want. In the event of registration on the electoral lists, it must be the person physically present with all the documents available.

I therefore appeal to the government to grant more resources to Zec so that the voter registration exercise can run until December.

It would be convenient for Zec officers to travel with their counterparts from the Registrar General’s office so that shortly after obtaining an ID card, one registers to vote immediately. –Isaac Mupinyuri

In response to Afrophobia: Can some in ANC stand up?, TAPIWA MAMBO says: Zimbabweans in South Africa have no problem returning home for the Christmas or Easter holidays, but will never consider returning home to register to vote. The honeymoon season for undocumented Zimbabweans in South Africa is over. They should be kicked out so they can put their house in order in the 2023 elections. Better to vote for change and rebuild Zimbabwe from 2023 under new leadership than to continue clinging to Africa from South. The Zanu PF government cannot be allowed to continue plundering the country’s resources. We need a break with the past.

STEELBLADES WORDON says: Why is the government of Zimbabwe so silent about Operation Dudula? Why hasn’t President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government been moved by everything that has happened in South Africa so far? There is something wrong with the government. It’s a fact that he doesn’t care about his people. They plunder the nation’s resources, but don’t care about Zimbabweans.

JABU M NYATHI says: The ANC plan is clear. After the local elections, the ANC seems to have made the decision not to fall with Zanu PF. The next elections are therefore a question of survival, not of solidarity.

TIGER ZINDOGA says: These vigilante groups were created by factions of the ANC just to distract from the real problems affecting ordinary South Africa which is the looting of public funds earmarked for development.

In response to Mlotshwa must not drag local football down the gutterMAGADZIKE BÉNI says:
Dissolve the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC). It has done nothing to improve our sports since its inception in 1991. We have not improved in anything. Instead, certain sporting disciplines such as athletics and tennis have been dying since the arrival of the SRC. It is a useless bureaucratic institution.

OBERT KARAMBAMUCHERO says: Football fans must bring reason to the game if Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) Gerald Mlothswa thinks it is bigger than Zimbabwean football. People must go to the offices of the CBC and demonstrate against him.