There are reasons bears love the Arlington site

It’s pretty hard to call someone who is well-educated, a lawyer, and the mayor of a big city naive. However, Mayor Lightfoot, how naive can you be about bears?

You came out last week proposing that the city put a roof over Soldier Field.

Mayor, the Bears didn’t decide to buy Arlington Park Racetrack because Soldier Field has no roof. Arlington’s reason goes much deeper.

One, Soldier Field is in a terrible place. You can only get there via Lake Shore Drive. Parking is incredibly insufficient. Stadium capacity is the lowest in the NFL.

Luxury boxes, a major source of revenue for the team, are not on par with the rest of the league. Finally, the Bears would command the stadium and its use, they would harvest concerts and other events, not beholden to Chicago.

I listed most of the reasons. I’m sure I missed a few more, but Ms. Lightfoot, putting a roof over an old-fashioned venue won’t convince the Bears to stay put.


Put your energy into reusing this area when the bears say goodbye to you. Of course, when that time comes, you won’t be the mayor anyway.

Don Lass