This Morning viewers are all saying the same thing as a man shows off the world’s biggest potato

Viewers of THIS Morning were shocked today when a man appeared on the show with the biggest potato in the world.

The huge potato, which weighs more than twice as much as an average newborn baby, has been nicknamed ‘Doug’ and is currently undergoing DNA checks to prove it is indeed a potato.


A man presented the biggest potato in the world
Rochelle and Phil couldn't believe what they were seeing


Rochelle and Phil couldn’t believe what they were seeing

Those watching at home could not get over her appearance, and many were horrified by her ugliness.

Taking to Twitter, viewers all ended up saying the same thing, with one writing: “That’s not a potato, that’s his lifetime earwax collection, judging by his face. nauseous # this morning.”

Another added: “@thismorning the potato looks like a hemorrhoid!!!! #MashedPiles #WorldsBiggestPotato #ThisMorning.

While someone else wrote: “@thismorning #ThisMorning That #potato really makes me sick.”

Colin, who is from New Zealand, found the 7.8 kg (17 lb 3 oz) potato in his vegetable garden in August.

He is currently being tested in his home country, but could be sent to Scotland to verify what he really is.

Craig keeps the potato in the freezer in an effort to help it last longer.

But he insisted he wouldn’t eat it, telling a hysterical Phil and Rochelle: ‘I gave it the old taste test when I found it, but that would be like eating your pet lamb .

“I’m thinking, though, of making it into a vodka. We could hold a wake for him and give him a toast.”

Its current entry for heaviest potato was found in Britain in 2011 and weighed just under 5kg.

The potato weighs 7.8 kg (17 lb 3 oz)


The potato weighs 7.8 kg (17 lb 3 oz)
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