Travis Perkins and Greggs planned for Basildon Garden Center site

MAJOR plans to bulldoze a garden center and replace it with a Travis Perkins store and Greggs bakery ready to get the green light.

A bid has been submitted to demolish Basildon Garden and Mower Center in Nevendon Road to make way for the builders merchant and food giant.

Basildon Council’s planning committee will meet to discuss plans next week, with councilors asked to approve the project.

The site, just off East Mayne, currently operates as a garden center with a cafe.

The proposals would see the current buildings bulldozed and replaced with a merchant branch of builders Travis Perkins, complete with parking, equipment storage and a tool rental complex.

Site – Basildon Garden and Mower Center” alt=”Echo: The Site – Basildon Garden and Mower Center” class=”editor-image”/>The Site – Basildon Garden and Mower Center

A small freestanding Greggs Grocery Store will serve both the Builders Merchant’s customers and passers-by, similar to the Garden Center’s existing cafe.

“It’s another example of Basildon being open for business,” said councilor Anthony Hedley, head of economic growth and business engagement.

“If plans were to go through planning, which I don’t see why there would be a problem as this is a brownfield site, the companies will help attract other companies to these business areas.”

He added, “This is the kind of big business we want to attract to the city to help drive economic growth.”

Echo: card proposalproposal card

The businesses will be served by loading and unloading docks for heavy goods vehicles, six customer parking areas, one customer loading area, five staff parking areas and bicycle storage for eight bicycles.

The proposal also includes the widening of Nevendon Road at its junction with Courtauld Road to facilitate the movement of heavy goods vehicles.

“The proposal will create employment opportunities during and after construction and provide a valuable service to the local construction industry in a suitable location,” said planning documents submitted by Travis Perkins.

“The project has been well designed to make the most of the site while sitting comfortably with its immediate neighbours.”

Councilors are set to ask Travis Perkins to pay over £10,000 to improve sustainable transport in the region as part of the deal.

A decision on the plans will be released on Wednesday.