Tyler, the creator presents another legendary watch from his collection

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Tyler, the designer doesn’t make trends; he does it himself, and the trends follow. His style has long been unlike anyone else, and he’s brought that attitude to his watch collection as well. Although he only started collecting a few years ago, Tyler quickly built up a cache of Cartiers that top my list of collections that I would be most interested in borrowing permanently. He’s already shown off the molten and beloved Crash, a Quadrant Obus he found at auction, and a pink strappy Santos. Now, in New York, Mr. Creator wore another piece from his growing collection: a Tank Louis Cartier.

It is the mark of a good, informed collector. Tyler isn’t just after eccentrics, trying to heckle with every watch he wears. It surfs the spectrum, from Crash to this more traditional LC. The Louis Cartier is Cartier’s ultimate classic, the model with the most image when you think of a Tank. Tyler’s comes with a date function and an alligator strap.

As this weekly column attests, there are plenty of great watch collectors in Hollywood, but people with the power to buy any watch tend to buy the most inaccessible pieces. How can you blame them? This usually results in similar-looking collections of the world’s flashiest and most coveted watches. But, as Tyler obviously understands, not every day is a Cartier Crash day. Sometimes you just want to put on a short sleeve button down shirt and one of the most classic watches ever made. This is where the Tank Louis Cartier comes in.


Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Minute Repeater by Kevin Hart

Hart dove deep into the Audemars archives and came back with a great buried treasure. In mid-July, the comedian wore the brand’s Star Wheel, a piece inspired by an insomniac pope of the 17th century. This week, Hart continued Complex‘s Sneaker Shopping with Mark Wahlberg, another devoted watch collector, and released another big gun. This watch comes from AP’s Jules Audemars collection, dedicated to one of the brand’s co-founders, and it’s one of the most complicated efforts in the line. This piece provides a nearly complete taxonomy of advanced watchmaking maneuvers. There’s a minute repeater (which uses chimes, beeps and gongs to strike the time at the touch of a button), jumping hours (the window in the center of the dial showing the time numerically), – and a small seconds (the dedicated sub-dial for the seconds at 6 o’clock).

John Walton – PA Images/Getty Images

Owen Wilson’s Rolex Submariner

[Doing a great Owen Wilson impression] Woooooow! Here’s a good reminder that there are few guys left in Hollywood who aren’t Watch Guys. Even Wilson, an ardent fan of the fanny pack and serial red carpet underdresser, can’t help but join the party. And he had fun in a Premier League game between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur where he wore a ‘Hulk’ submariner. The all-green Rolex with a muscular large case is one of the most dynamic examples of the typical duty-bound Submariner. If you want to copy Wilson’s style, you’re in luck: Bonhams is auctioning off a collection of 11 Hulk watches.

Steve Granitz

Michael B. Jordan’s Piaget Altiplano

The star of Creed The franchise is obviously gigantic, but thinness is on point, at least when it comes to watches: earlier this year the competition for the world’s thinnest watch heated up again when Richard Mille released the RM UP-01 with a record thickness of 1.75 mm. . The previous record was set a few months earlier, in March, when Bulgari unveiled a 1.8mm thick Octo Finissimo Ultra. The Jordanian Altiplano once held the belt – and who knows, might do so again one day soon.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Macklemore’s Rolex GMT-Master II

Death, taxes and the first Rolex release of the year suddenly appearing on tons of celebrity wrists. The new black and green GMT-Master II – it seems the “Sprite” moniker remains – is now in the wild. Macklemore’s is the new “destro” GMT made for left-handers.