USDA State Director Tours Northumberland Propane Distribution Company’s Future Site | News

NORTHUMBERLAND – The asphalt lot along Highway 11 just east of Northumberland has a lot of potential for Button Holdings and Energy once its project is complete, according to the state director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Agriculture. rural development, Bob Morgan.

Morgan visited the Point Township site of the inbound propane distribution company on Friday. The company focuses on the wholesale commercial and residential distribution of energy needs.

“It’s the possibility that several new companies have created or expanded opportunities to deliver available heating fuel to the community in a safer and more cost-effective way by taking trucks off the highway and dramatically reducing delivery distances.” , Morgan said. “These are welcome changes to the way we live our lives.”

Morgan was joined by Daniel Blottenberger, USDA Public Affairs Specialist for Rural Development; Jason Fitzgerald of Penn Strategies; and the company’s CEO/Chairman, Ed Button. The $2.2 million development project includes the construction of six 80,000 gallon tanks and a facility to transfer propane and butane from railcars to tanks. This job-creating project will replace the transportation of butane by truck from Washington, DC, driving down the cost of energy in Susquehanna Valley markets.

Morgan said it is the job of USDA Rural Development to help economic development projects in rural areas come to fruition. They also do loans for single family housing, community facility assistance with equipment, construction, and stormwater management project.

“The idea is to help improve economic conditions in rural America,” he said. “We’re always looking for opportunities and projects that could do that and help the economy work a little more efficiently in those communities.”

The North Shore Railroad Company purchased the site in 2019 and contracted Rhinehart Railroad Construction and LIVIC Civil Engineering to develop the site. North Shore received a Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) designation by PennDOT for the project. This project received a $1 million grant from the Pennsylvania Capital Redevelopment Assistance Program.

Button estimates at least 40 full-time jobs for the region. Jobs include driver positions, terminal management positions and maintenance positions, he said.

“We close bids on February 28 for infrastructure construction,” Button said. “We currently have three companies bidding. Once they come in, we have a third party consultant to help evaluate the offers.

The goal is to break ground by April 1, Button said.

“We’re confident we’ll be up and running with fuel in the tanks by the end of August,” Button said. “We’re going to deliver the product, load the product, sell the product.”

Morgan also visited Lycoming County this week where Bald Birds Brew Company and Nuweld Inc. received commercial and industrial loans.