Video shows moment Nigerian bride refused to kiss groom Oyinbo at their wedding, sparks backlash

  • Social media users have reacted to a failed kiss moment between a Nigerian bride and her fiancé Oyinbo
  • The man had attempted to kiss the bride at their traditional wedding, but she continued to avoid contact with his lips
  • While some netizens hit out at the lady for her action, others defended her by pointing out that it was all to protect her makeup.

A short, awkward clip of an interracial wedding occasion has sparked massive reactions on social media.

The video was from a traditional wedding involving a Nigerian bride and her fiancé Oyinbo.

She avoided any contact with his lips. Photo credit: Screen captures from video shared by @gossipmilltv
Source: Instagram

At the photographer’s request, the couple stood together for snaps, as seen in the video shared by @gossipmilltv on Instagram.

The horny groom however tried to lock lips with the lady after the shoots but was met with resistance from the lady.

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The stone-faced lady avoided any contact with his lips. She went so far as to avoid him, stating that the photographer had not asked them to kiss.

The man stopped trying and remained calm as if the missed kiss incident had never happened.

Watch the video below:

Mixed reactions followed the video

@._woman said:

“So fake…you don’t want him to leave him alone and I can bet the next man you want will want you…”

@realestatewithmimi said:

“She doesn’t want him scattering his makeup na. How does this short video define the love they have. This sef on social media and jumps to the conclusion.”

@anita_anets said:

“Oh my God, what’s wrong with people, should she allow him to eat the makeup to prove she loves him.”

@rhysrhinelander said:

“Obviously she doesn’t want to ruin her makeup, but I know people will see it in a different way.”

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@omar_tii said:

“Omo the thing taya me oo, look how it stiffens its body. You love money, you have to follow everything to come.”

The shy bride refuses to kiss the groom on the occasion of the wedding

Meanwhile, previously reported that a shy bride caused a stir at her wedding by refusing to kiss the groom.

After being led by a man who appeared to be the pastor for the occasion, the groom wanted to kiss the lady but she continued to dodge him.

In the video shared on Instagram by @mufasatundeednut, the lady sported a faint smile suggesting that she was shy and refused to be moved by the chants of the guests who obviously wanted the lady to comply with the marital ritual.

The man after several unsuccessful attempts manages to gently rub his lips against hers.