Whyborder.com Real Estate Portal Introduces Asia’s First Reverse Auction System, Whybid, to Connect Buyers to Global Developers | Taiwan News

HONG KONG SAR – Media reach – September 6, 2021 – why the border, a borderless real estate marketing platform, launches Asia’s first international reverse auction auction on overseas properties. Hong Kong buyers looking for overseas properties can connect with developers who are offering premium deals at a discounted price through why the border.

With travel restrictions still in place in many countries and the oversupply of properties in some countries, why the border offers a rare opportunity for investors and buyers to purchase properties at ideal prices directly from developers in their home country and beyond. Buying overseas property has become a major trend in Hong Kong as people plan for retirement, child rearing, and overseas immigration. Hong Kong buyers became the fifth largest foreign investors in central London in August 2020[1].

Started in 2020, why the border is an innovative web platform to facilitate cross-border real estate business for developers, agents, sellers and buyers. Managed by a team of real estate businessmen who believe in transforming the sector by offering greater transparency in real estate transactions, why the border provides information that was previously difficult to access. These include live virtual tours, videos, photos, floor plans and construction documents allowing users to better assess and understand the property before making a buying decision.

One of the strengths of why the border is a unique reverse bidding function known as why bid which allows buyers around the world to bid on international properties from the comfort of their own homes. Interested buyers can register to view and bid at their preferred price during the limited auction period. Once the auction is closed, the buyer who placed the highest bid above the seller’s reserve price will be the eventual owner of the property. This entire transaction can be completed in just two months with this streamlined process.

The first one why bid The auction will take place from 08 to 15 October 2021, from the Thai market. Properties listed include :

  • Maru Ladprao 15
  • Sanambinnam Manor
  • Hyde Sukhumvit 11
  • Supalai Sukhumvit 39
  • Supalai Elite Surawong
  • Supalai Prime Rama 9

“Buying property is a big decision for many people. Our goal is to facilitate better decision making by providing transparency and a wealth of information and functionality to make buying and selling accessible to everyone, no matter where they are. We hope to raise awareness and encourage more people to explore buying and selling property online in a safe and convenient way, ”said Dave Loo, Founder and CEO of whyiborder.com.

Whyborder also presents why refer, a unique feature of the platform that allows its members to earn a 0.2% referral commission by sharing properties listed in the Whybid campaign through their personal referral links. When purchasing said properties through one of these links, the referral fee will be transferred to the account of the member who owns the link.

With whyiborder.com, buyers can liaise with agents and developers to address specific concerns regarding their interests. A wide range of properties spanning 54 cities and covering 6,173 neighborhoods, 555 train lines, 9,537 stations, 9,649 landmarks are already listed on the platform. They include popular sites like Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and the UK, as well as emerging sites like Cambodia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

[1] Source: London Residential at Sotheby’s International Realty

About Whyborder

why the border is an innovative web-based platform to transform and facilitate cross-border real estate business for developers, agents, sellers and buyers, supported by a management team with over 20 years of knowledge and experience in global real estate transactions . why the border is the only platform to offer a wide selection of properties spanning 54 cities, covering 6,173 neighborhoods, 555 train lines, 9,537 stations and 9,649 landmarks.

The company’s mission is to enable and accelerate transparent real estate transactions anywhere in the world, without borders. why the border offers users a new level of transparency and market insight, from project / unit comparison and multi-party virtual tours, as well as unit information searches in new properties.

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