Wike shows what will happen if the PDP crisis is not resolved

Those wishing to decode Governor Nyesom Wike’s next move can’t wait any longer. He seems to be unveiling it in Port Harcourt on Friday September 23, 2022, during a media conference.

Asked by a team of TV presenter interviewers if campaigning against his party in the February 2023 presidential election wouldn’t cause voters to hurt his own candidates for the National Assembly, Wike replied that it wouldn’t. not the case.

Pressed, he declared that he should not be made to divulge his electoral strategies and the manner of presenting his candidates. He did not deny the existence of campaign plans against the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and former vice-president, Abubakar Atiku.

Wike, however, said he was working for reconciliation and peace in the PDP and should only be in charge of the aftermath if peace did not return to the party. PDP chairman Desmond Akawor had since said he would work for Bola Ahmed Tinubu if the PDP ignored Wike’s demands. This was interpreted to mean that decisions had been made.

Speaking in Port Harcourt at the media conference, Wike said he had put the party primaries behind him and was now focused on how to field his candidates in the state.

“I fight for justice because it matters. The party primaries are over. We accepted the choice of the delegates. My focus now is to field my candidates in my state (Governor, National Assembly Members, Rivers State Assembly Members).

“What is the problem now is the party president. The PDP constitution must be followed but the leaders do not want the people to know the truth. The party’s founding fathers envisioned national balance. They were not mistaken in the zoning of party offices and the federal character

“Remember in 2013/14 Goodluck Jonathan won the party primaries but Atiku and some people left for another party. Jonathan did everything in his power to win them back. He even found Atiku in London and asked him to come back, but Atiku avoided him, they pushed him away.

“The former Governor of Niger State even came out to reveal how they (the best of the PDP) decided to work against Jonathan, their own party’s candidate,” he said.

On the call for Ayu’s resignation, Wike said, “It is the tradition of the PDP to divide positions into zones and give the party chairman to one zone and the presidential candidate to another. . The southern governors met in Asaba and decided that the presidency should return to the south. They met again in Lagos and Enugu over this. It’s not just Wike talking.


Some of the same governors have changed to argue that presidential aspirants can come from anywhere. They now argue that the president is from the north.

The crisis was sown when they said they were zoning only party offices, not elective positions. I said imagine, how you can zone only party offices. I warned them. This is the cause of the crisis.

The Ike Ekweremadu committee zoned the presidency in 2019 to the north. That’s why no serious southerner contested the primaries. We injected money into Rivers to support the North.

Shock number two is that they have now said there is no zoning of the presidency. They said the presidency should not be zoned, it should be left open to get the best candidate.

Iyorchia Ayu never let my phone rest when he wanted to become party chairman. Now he goes to the media every day to talk about Wike.

How the PDP bigwigs conspired against me

During the PDP presidential primaries, I campaigned seriously. When they saw that I was making waves, they started a series of meetings to arrest me. The president of the party who had to be impartial has become the militant of an aspirant. He was careful to call on every aspirant to stand down for Atiku. Meetings were happening just to stop me.

I warned Ayu: If you don’t want a trial, do the right thing. This is why the convention almost broke up.

The Aminu Tambuwal Action: It was then that the convention had to disperse. The convention president did what had not been done before; after each contender spoke, he invited Tambuwal back on stage to make an additional statement where he not only announced his withdrawal but told his followers to vote for Atiku. I would have dispersed the convention right there but because I wanted the primaries to go on, I held back.

I did not aspire to go to the senate. Look, we (south) can’t trust these people (north). Atiku told me, let’s work together. He used his mouth to say, look, the presidential candidate and the party chairman cannot be from one area (region). So why is he doing a different thing?

Race choice: Ask any of the committee members who submitted likely people if I approached any of them. Ayu went to see Atiku at midnight to ask him to remove me from his running mate. We hear some people saying that if Ayu quit, they would leave the party, but what value do these people bring to the PDP’s election victory? Those who meant well for Atiku begged him to choose me if he wanted to win this election.

Ayu then came openly to say that if the presidential candidate came out of the north, he would resign. Nobody forced him to say that. So why doesn’t he? Ayu is corrupt. He collected N1Bn from a midshipman to fix the primaries. He did it in Lagos. Let him deny it, I know who gave him the money and the denominations.

London: Atiku agreed with us in London for Ayu to leave. He asked our group to give him a week to get Ayu’s resignation, just to work out the terms. We never heard from him again. Instead, he went ahead in public to say the party constitution would not support him. If he respected us, he would have come back to us to explain his difficulties. I dare him to deny that he promised us to get Ayu out in a week.

It is a lie that I fight because Tambuwal betrayed me. I moved forward. He’s not my son to do my bidding. He did what he wanted.

If Ayu resigns, the PDP constitution stipulates that his replacement must always come from his area. Yes, but there is a doctrine of political necessity and expediency to solve any serious problem.

After all, the same constitution says posts must be zoned, why not ignore it. PDP NEC can make a decision and have it ratified at the next party congress.

The PDP is too arrogant and they haven’t even won the elections yet. They show that the party cannot be trusted.

We always talk about peace. Only when peace fails can we decide what happens next. PDP has locked itself in this corner, and only opportunism can save the situation.

See what the APC has done; the governors said, let the power go back to the south, but the PDP did not do the same.

UNITY: For the unity of the country, let the zoning remain. We have not reached a stage where zoning is no longer necessary and the president can come from anywhere. The APC zoned south but not the PDP. We lost it. So let’s at least move the president’s job south so our people have a sense of belonging, and you say no. We too must maintain our position.

I say, don’t underestimate the APC. I know the APC well and I know what they did in 2019 to wrest power from us. So I know what they can do and I can handle them. We have to win people’s hearts.

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Nigeria’s biggest problem is the anger of marginalization by some sections, it’s not just the economy, the insecurity. We must act so that all the sections have the feeling of belonging to one country.

State of the rivers:

I am satisfied with what I have done in the state. I don’t count on belonging to associations to feel safe. My manual work speaks for me.

Atiku hopes to win without Rivers State, it’s funny. Those who say Buhari won without Rivers must know that he won Lagos and Kano. Atiku should not dream of leading Nigeria with Lagos, Kano and Rivers states. Those who push Atiku in this direction don’t even gain their areas. Rivers State has delivered a lot to the PDP all along, even with APC having a CEO of Rivers State Campaigns, their party got nothing here from 1015 to 2019.

PDP must prove to Nigerians that we are trustworthy, otherwise you are making Nigerians afraid of you. Yes, Nigerians are not happy with the APC, but the PDP should not take that for granted and refuse to woo them and show that they can be trusted.

The presidency is waiting for the PDP to take it, so let’s make the necessary sacrifice. Don’t let the opportunity slip. They should even thank me and my group for opening their eyes.

I’m still in the PDP, so it’s wrong to ask me which presidential candidate I’m going to vote for.

Suspend me?

Suspend me? Won’t it be more wahala for the PDP? Even the one we have is wahala and they want to add more. Okay, let them suspend me today, today.

Secret: Ayu wants to be Secretary of the Federation Government (SGF) and Saraki also has his eyes on himself. Some have already obtained a niche as President of the Senate. So we are all here to watch them.

If Nigerians hear what is happening in the party that wants to take power, this country will shake.